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Contact Details

Barden Lodge

11 Barden Road, Barden Ridge NSW 2234
P: (02) 9532 2800
F: (02) 9532 2899


Bondi Waters

47-51 O’Brien Street, Bondi NSW 2026
P: (02) 9365 9365
F: (02) 9365 9333


Edensor Gardens

37 Sweethaven Road, Edensor Park NSW 2176
P: (02) 9774 6400 


Georges Manor

111 Bellevue Avenue, Georges Hall NSW 2198
P: (02) 8713 0800
F: (02) 8713 0888


Prestons Lodge

18 Melaleuca Place, Prestons NSW 2170
P: (02) 8763 8333
F: (02) 8763 8366


Head Office

Suite 2, 6 Faraday Road, Padstow 2211
P: (02) 9774 6400
F: (02) 9774 6499




Frequently Asked Questions

Advantaged Care is a family business owned by the Kresner Family that was established in 2000 after the family had difficulty finding an appropriate home for one of their own family members. Coming from a construction and development background, the family decided to do something about it and set about redefining the aged care experience. They currently have interests in 5 aged care facilities.

  • Minchinbury Manor – Opened 2004
  • Advantaged Care at Georges Manor – Opened 2008
  • Advantaged Care at Bondi Waters – Opened 2011
  • Advantaged Care at Barden Lodge – Opened 2012
  • Advantaged Care at Prestons Lodge – Opened 2016

Extra Services status in an aged care service is one that provides a substantially higher level of accommodation and hospitality services than the average provided by aged care services which do not have Extra Service Status. It means the experience is more like staying at a highly rated hotel as opposed to a motel.

Your fees will cover all of your living costs, including accommodation, care, cleaning, laundry, food and activities provided in the residences for our residents.

All our residences have onsite Kitchens and Chefs, who provide a choice of freshly prepared high-quality meals and snacks, including hot and cold options, every day.

All our residences offer onsite Laundering facilities to reduce the frustrations of clothes going missing.

All our residences have Activities Teams to keep our residents active and interested.

Please note there may be some services provided by third parties that you will need to pay for in addition to your fees, e.g. clothes and items purchased, medications, Doctor and medical fees, hairdressing, and some excursion costs.

You will need to have a nominated Doctor before you enter our service. You can either arrange to retain the services of your existing Doctor or we can provide you with a list of Doctors that attend our service.

You will be provided physiotherapy and pain management services onsite according to your assessed needs. We can arrange additional physiotherapy, however this will come at an additional cost.

All of our residences have the latest in fire protection systems installed; including Sprinklers, Heat/Smoke Detectors, Fire and Smoke Zones, Early Warning Intercommunication Systems and Fire Indicator Panels. These systems are also integrated into our nurse call system.

All our residences also have numerous security features, including integrated door locking systems with intercoms enabling staff the ability to screen visitors at the Entry door locations before allowing on-site access, Electronic Keypads on doors programmed to allow or restrict access to different parts of the building, and video monitoring systems (CCTV).

Each residence is managed by a Facility Manager who is the first point of contact in terms of admission and general day to day enquiries, and a Director of Care/Care Manager, who champions the clinical team. Both of these management roles are filled by Registered Nurses who therefore have a holistic and clinical understanding of the needs of our residents. These positions oversee our care teams, all of whom have gone through very rigorous employment processes that include physiological profiling processes to ensure they provide only the very best care for every one of our residents.

While we do supply fully furnished rooms, we welcome all our residents to bring any furnishings, paintings and belongings that will help to maintain your individuality, subject to a risk assessment to ensure that they will provide a safe environment.

To a great extent the costs of aged care are highly regulated. At Advantaged Care you will need to pay the following:

The Basic Daily Fee – a legislated fee and payable by all residents. This fee increases in line with the CPI and the Australian Age Pension every six months. This covers living costs such as meals, power and laundry.

The Extra Service Fee – if occupying an Extra Service Room – a cost associated with providing you with a better level of accommodation and hospitality services.

The Means Tested Care Fee – an extra contribution towards the cost of care that permanent residents may need to pay. The Department of Human Services works out the amount of the means-tested care fee based on your financial information. The amount you pay will depend on your combined income and assets assessment, however, there are limits in place. There are annual and lifetime caps in place to limit the amount of the means-tested care fee you can be asked to pay. Once these caps have been reached, you cannot be asked to pay any more means-tested care fees.

An Accommodation Payment – a payment for accommodation. We encourage potential residents or their families to contact us to discuss their situation.

Residents can choose to make their accommodation payment in one of three ways:

  • A Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD). You can pay the room price in full as a lump sum amount. This amount is held by the home for the duration of your residency, and is fully refundable to you when you leave, unless you choose to have any of your fees and charges deducted from the RAD.
  • A Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP). You can choose to not pay the lump sum amount, but a daily interest equivalent amount added to your monthly fees.

A DAP means to service an outstanding RAD by paying interest on the outstanding amount. To work out the amount, you need to know the interest rate which applies; this is dictated by the Federal Government is called the MPIR (maximum permissible interest rate) and is set at the time of entry. To find out your current MPIR click on this link: Aged Care Fees & Charges

To give an example, say the full RAD is $700,000 and 10% of this is paid as a lump sum, i.e. $70,000. The DAP payable is on the balance. i.e. $630,000 in this instance. In this example, we will use a MPIR rate of 7.1%.

 To work out the daily cost you would use the formula below:

= (Total RAD – RAD Paid) x MPIR/365 (for daily rate)

= (700,000 – 70,000) x .071/365 = $122.54

A resident may also request to take the DAP out of a RAD held by the provider, however we may ask you to keep a minimum amount of RAD available, and/or increase your daily interest amount as the RAD balance declines.

  •   A combination of RAD and DAP. You can pay any portion of the RAD lump sum amount, and pay the remaining balance as a DAP equivalent.