Coronavirus / COVID-19 Update

Coronavirus / COVID-19 Update 2020-12-24T03:26:01+00:00

 Notice to Residents, Families and Visitors

Advice regarding Coronavirus and Visitation Update 23


Dear Advantaged Care Residents, Families and Visitors,

We understand that the last few days has caused uncertainty and disruption, not to mention anxiety regarding visiting arrangements and outings over the Christmas period.

We extend our sincerest gratitude and appreciation for the support of our families and residents with the changes to visiting arrangements that had to be made in line with the Directions issued by the State Government on 21 December 2020.

Updated Directions received 23 December 2020 from NSW Health for visits to Residential Aged Care Facilities, is as follows:

  • Until at least 11.59pm on Wednesday 30 December 2020 up to two visitors are permitted to visit residents in residential aged care facilities in Greater Sydney (including local Government areas of Central Coast and Wollongong). Visitors from the Northern Beaches LGA are excluded.
  • IF POSSIBLE, VISITS SHOULD BE DELAYED – If visits can be delayed and a later festive gathering organised please encourage this as it may allow aged care facilities to undertake supervised visits for essential reasons.

Requests to visit under exceptional circumstances beyond outlined above will be reviewed on a case by case basis, – visitors may be granted entry after speaking directly with the Facility Management and after advice has been sought from the local public health unit.

All visitors are to abide to the following:

  • Up to 2 people per resident for no longer than 30 mins – No Children under 16 will be allowed onsite unless specifically approved
  • All visits for 25th through to the 28th December 2020 must be pre-booked before 4pm Wednesday 24 December 2020 – NO DROP IN VISITS WILL BE ALLOWED (bookings will recommence on the 29th for the 29th and 30th)
  • Visiting hours are between 10am and 4pm
  • Visits are only to occur in the resident’s room or other designated area as specified and must remain in that room/area during the visit – you will be escorted by a staff member to and from residents’ rooms

Social distancing rules apply including no personal contact (including kissing and hugging) and maintaining a 1.5m distance from your loved ones
Any visits will be subject to screening and entry requirements and you will not be permitted entry if you:

  • Have been in any of the locations:
    • On the self-isolate and get tested immediately list, at the times and dates listed
    • On the monitor for symptoms, at the times and dates listed except where noted otherwise on the web page
  • Have a fever or symptoms of COVID-19 (acute blocked nose congestion has been added to the list of symptoms)
  • Are a close contact of a person with confirmed COVID-19 and are within their self-isolation period
  • Live in a household with a person who is identified as a close contact of a person with confirmed COVID-19.

Community activities and outings NSW Health advice also outlines the following:

  • Until at least 11.59pm on Wednesday 30 December 2020, residents from residential aged care facilities in Greater Sydney should not leave the facility to attend family gatherings and group excursions unless the visit is essential (such as a medical appointment).
  • If a resident makes a decision to leave the facility to attend a family gathering or excursion, it is appropriate from a risk perspective for the facility to advise a resident that they will be required to go into 14-day self-isolation upon return.

Based on the above directions – If you have made plans to take your loved ones out of the facility to celebrate Christmas festivities, over the Christmas period we strongly urge you to reconsider this decision for the safety and well-being of your loved one, all our residents and staff.

If residents do leave our facilities, then they will need to self-isolate on the return to the facility for 14 days – this means that they will be isolated to their room, staff will wear full PPE when attending to their care needs and they will not be able to mix with other residents or participate in activities – a number of COVID tests may also be undertaken on your loved one to ensure they have not contracted COVID-19.

Please pass this on to all families and friends.

We thank you for your support and understanding and please continue to stay safe.

Wishing you are your families all the very best over the Christmas period.