Coronavirus / COVID-19 Update

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Advantaged Care Covid 19 / Coronavirus Information Update 5

Exceptional Visitation Period

26 March 2020

Dear Advantaged Care Residents, Families and Visitors,

The Federal and State governments have announced numerous increase measures to contain the coronavirus within our communities. At a Federal level there has been major announcements and changes as recently as last Sunday (22nd March) and last Tuesday night (24th March). Many of these changes are to minimise the gatherings, visits and personal contact at home, in the community and at the workplace. As of today, in NSW we now have 1,219 confirmed cases, and nationally the number is 2,728.

Last Thursday, Advantaged Care, announced restricted access arrangements that would limit all visits to exceptional visits only.  This highly restrictive visiting arrangements have been introduced to safeguard your family members and all residents and staff within our facilities.

We would like to thank the vast majority of our resident family and friends for their support and compliance with our stringent policy. However, it is important to note, that as a community we need to remain compliant for the safety of all residents and staff.

The Restrictive Access arrangements limit all visits to exceptional circumstances which must be approved by the facility manager prior to any visit. Exceptional circumstances will now only be considered for end of life stage palliation or extreme circumstances. All approved exceptional visits will be limited to 1 person and only 15 minutes of duration.

We understand this is very difficult for you, your family and your loved ones, but the arrangements are important to minimise the risks of the coronavirus adversely impacting all of our loved ones. As part of the changes to the visitations, we are in the process of implementing iPads within each facility to provide Face-time and Skype.

There are no current cases of coronavirus within the group, and we will continue to implement risk minimisation arrangements to maintain the safety of residents and staff.

I have instructed all facility managers to ensure our policy is adhered to for the benefit all residents and staff across the organisation.  Although this is very stressful, we request that you do not treat any staff member or manager inappropriately in regards to the implementation of the policy.

Please support Advantaged Care to best protect our residents and staff in these difficult and extreme times.

If you have any areas of concern that you would like to raise with the Advantaged Care executive please contact my team on

Our website will be updated throughout this period to keep residents, families and visitors informed.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

For more information see:

Indicated below are other key sources of current information regarding Covid 19. For the latest advice, information and resources regarding coronavirus (Covid 19), go to


For the latest world-wide information is available at the World Health Organisation website go to:

Alternatively, for further information you could call the National Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080. It operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you require translating or interpreting services, call 131 450.

The phone number of NSW state public health agency is 1300 066 055.