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Advantaged Care Prestons Lodge Aged Care Facility Confirms COVID Contact

14th July 2020 12:00pm

Advantaged Care has informed the NSW Department of Health that a visitor who attended the Prestons Lodge aged care facility on Thursday, July, 9 2020, has returned a positive test for COVID-19.

The facility is working closely with the NSW Health and its industry body to respond to this situation, with extensive testing of residents and staff who have had contact with people who have visited or been in contact with people who have visited the Crossroads Hotel.

To date, no person who is in the facility has shown a positive result to our testing, which will be continued in the foreseeable future.

Advantaged Care Prestons Lodge has had strict COVID-safe measures in place since March, 2020, as part of its stringent health and safety protocols.

These protocols have been upgraded since reports of the test result and include the extensive cleaning of all areas utilizing a bio-fogging process, continued COVID-testing, a full lockdown of the facility to visitors and regular communication with the families of the residents.

A spokesman for Advantaged Care said “We are committed to ensuring our staff and residents are safe and are working with industry experts and government stakeholders to ensure we continue to achieve this goal.

“We are taking every step as recommended by authorities and we want to make residents, their families, our dedicated staff and community aware of this situation and re-assure everyone we are working tirelessly to protect our residents and staff.

“While visitor restrictions are in place, we are working and communicating closely with residents, their families and friends, to maintain alternative connections, such as video conferencing.

“We wish to thank our much-loved residents, their families and friends for their understanding during this challenging period. In particular, we want to acknowledge our dedicated staff for their continued professionalism throughout this difficult time,” he concluded.

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